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Date Created: 8 June 2022

No. of people involved: Only me

Length of project: 6 weeks

Tools: Unity, C#

This is a tool I made which helps users to easily implement a simple cutscene in a Unity project. It consists of a 3D spline editor which you can move about and edit in the scene view. In the custom editor, you can manage these splines, and apply multiple different settings such as the use of cinematic black bars, fade and out, etc... The editor allows you to test the cutscene in the editor which makes production much faster, with a timeline feature showing you information about the current spline being played. 


The user can edit each spline precisely how they would like it, so they can get a smooth and accurate cutscene quickly. Although the spline can be edited in the scene view, by dragging the points around, you can also set the position of each point in the settings. You can add certain rotations for the camera, and set different edit modes for each of the points (aligned, free look and mirrored). There are also multiple other settings like the duration, beginning and end lengths and an option that allows the camera to follow the direction of the spline.



An image of what the editor window looks like.


An example of what the spline editor looks like in the scene view.

Cutscene Demo 3.gif

A cutscene in action. The cutscenes are saved as prefabs, which can be easily accessed and triggered using other scripts or colliders.

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