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Pathfinding Application


Date Created: 25 July 2021

No. of people involved: Only me

Length of project: 1 week

Tools: SDL2, C++

At the time, we were halfway through the Artificial Intelligence subject at AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment), and we had a week break. I wasn't entirely happy with the knowledge I already had, so I took it upon myself to further my knowledge of how pathfinding works in video games, along with creating a cool app that shows off how each algorithm works. 

I wanted to have a deeper understanding of why some algorithm's are better than others, and in what kinds of area's or maps each one would be useful in. The app uses Breadth First Search, Depth First Search, Dijkstra's Algorithm and A star. 


Dijkstra with sand.gif

Dijkstra's Algorithm being used in a simple maze. The brown circles represent sand, which have a G-score of 5, while the boxes with no sand have a G-score of 1.

AStar with sand.gif

The same maze as above, though using the A-Star algorithm.

BFS with diags.gif

An example of Breadth First Search being used with diagonals allowed.

AStar with diags.gif

Using the same map as above, but instead using the A-Star algorithm, with diagonals allowed. It's interesting comparing this with the one above, as it's at least 2-3 times faster.

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